Oberflex's R&D teams have developed a series of panels with discreet and elegant micro-grooved wefts within the cladding.

Linear or geometric, these wefts are virtually imperceptible from a distance, preserving the integrity of the material. As with a textile, it's when you get closer that slight aesthetic vibrations appear, flattering the eye with a very high-end finish. The decor is sublimated.

Performance is also at stake: the structure of the product and the opening rate generated by the multitude of micro-grooves give the panel one of the highest absorption coefficients on the market - 0.95 aw. These new Obersound® panels are also distinguished by their ability to absorb sound waves in frequency ranges extended to high-pitched sounds (hight frequency).

Plus points:
Available in Oberflex's 80 Prestige fine woods and 25 Pure Paper Color or Anti-fingerprint solid colours.



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